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HavVest is at your service to help you save and invest your money with its user-friendly features, secure infrastructure and applications that make you wealthy.

Why Havvest?

The average person in Nigeria does not have millions to start investing in real estate. Even the person with millions can fall prey to real estate scams. There are lots of stories of people who have invested in real estate properties sold to many other persons. Their only recourse is to go to court, which sometimes takes several years. Whereas others have bought non-existent real estate properties.

This is why Havvest was created. To make it easy for the average person to invest in real estate projects and make up to 18% returns annually. If you don't have enough to start investing, you can start by saving with us and earn up to 15% interest annually. No bank in the world can offer anyone 15% interest, only Havvest. 

Your bank can afford to give you up to that rate, but they don't. Why? Because most financial institutions were created to make profits for themselves, not their customers (including your bank). Havvest is different. We were created to help you get wealthy by giving you the tools needed to build wealth for yourself and your family.

Join Havvest today by creating an account here: https://havvest.com/register




To make it easy for everyone to save, invest and build wealth through the power of compound interest.



We aspire to be a great company that will last for 100 years. We envision that our customers will meet and work at HavVest. Our vision for fiscal year 2043 is to serve 500 million global customers, enable 25 million people build wealth and create 1 million jobs.



Customers come first, employees second, shareholders third.

Trust makes everything simple.

Change is the only constant.

Today's best performance is tomorrow's baseline.

If not now, when? If not me, who?

Live seriously, work happily.